EPS Surfboards, Surfing and Surfers – May 10, 2018

EPS surfboards, surfing and surfers.


Surfers have a strong connection with the waves beneath them, the ocean and their surfboards. They take great pride in eliminating their carbon footprint.


EPS is now an evolving application in the industry.


EPS & Surfboards


The surfing industry is moving towards more environmentally responsible boards and a California eco-organization, Sustainable Surf, has been guiding the way. They’re creating a baseline and credibility for board builders which verifies the use of more sustainable materials like bio-resin and recycled EPS foam, designating them as verified ECOBOARDS.


That brings us to the ProTest ECOBOARD Challenge. The challenge is held for pro surfers to test out ECOBOARDS. The participating surfers had to capture footage of them ‘ripping’ waves on boards that are made of at least 25 percent non toxic materials. The boards incorporate more bio-resins and recycled EPS than a standard surfboard.


On April 28th Sustainable Coastlines Hawaii announced the winner of the ProTest ECOBOARD Challenge, Mikey O’Shaughnessy! O’Shaughnessy showed skepticism in the beginning,  knowing his board was made out of recycled materials and plant-based resin, noting his main concern was performance. To his surprise, the ECOBOARDS performed great and he now rides one every session…as a BONUS, it’s made with recycled EPS! See his video by clicking here!


Pro surfers acknowledge that EPS can change the game and how surfboards are made. They surf similar to regular boards and are customizable. Boards are made to fit surfers and since EPS is such a customizable application, it is being recognized as an up in coming preferred material.