EPS Recycling with GreenWorks

January is a great time to remind everyone to make positive changes that benefit the environment. Last week, we highlighted options for Wisconsin residents to recycle their EPS foam – which tends to pile up this time of year if you received electronics or toys for Christmas! But recycling initiatives are also happening all across the country. 

The EPS Industry Alliance, EPS-IA for short, does a great job of highlighting on Twitter the initiatives of organizations across the United States that make recycling EPS foam possible. We wanted to take this opportunity to showcase Asheville GreenWorks. 

GreenWorks’ vision is “to create an equitable, climate-resilient future for ourselves and our home.” One of the many ways they do this is by offering polystyrene recycling centers to North Carolina residents. Much of their work is made possible by volunteers. Recently, students of Christ School (pictured below), a college preparatory high school in the Asheville area, helped at the EPS sorting center. 

One of the most significant benefits of EPS foam is its recycling ability. If you do not already, we encourage you to follow the EPS-IA on Twitter, @EPSRecyle. And if you are local to Sheboygan County, WI, remember to stop by Plymouth Foam to recycle your EPS foam. Contact us with any questions at sales@plymouthfoam