EPS Recycling Report

Did you know? In 2019, more than 136 million pounds of EPS were recycled, which was 23 million more pounds than in 2018. A strong initiative and advancing technologies are paving the way to meet improved EPS recycling standards. 

EPS-IA has been committed to expanded polystyrene foam recycling advancements for over three decades. In 2019, EPS recycling trended upward as a result of expanded collection programs and major advancements in reprocessing technologies.”  2019 U.S. EPS Recycling Report

The report breaks down EPS recycling into two categories, which are post-use and post-industrial. “Post-use is defined as any material that is recycled after its intended end-use.” On the other hand, “post-industrial recovery includes EPS manufacturing scrap that is recycled but never served its intended purpose as a packaging material or other end use-application.” A total of 46.4 million pounds of EPS were recycled post-use in 2019; 90.4 million pounds of EPS were recycled post-industrial. 

EPS can be recycled at certain drop-off centers. Each community has recycling guidelines for which plastics are allowed; find an EPS recycling location near you. If an EPS recycling center is not available in your area, EPS-IA sponsors a National Mail-Back Program. This program allows smaller quantities of EPS to be mailed via USPS or UPS to a regional location. 

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