Expanded Polystyrene – EPS Packaging Foundations: Protect and Preserve


A hot topic for more than half a decade, EPS packaging has proven its effectiveness for numerous end-use applications utilized in a wide variety of industries. Noted in EPS Industry Alliance Technical Bulletin, “The fundamental objectives of transport packaging materials are to preserve and protect a product from damage, through the manufacturing process all the way to delivery to the consumer.”


As previously discussed in our recent blog, EPS Cold Chain: Changing the Packaging Industry, the primary function of EPS packaging is insulation. Preservation and protection qualities are a close second when considering the reduction of spoilage and keeping contents well insulated.


We can always agree that when it comes to transport packaging…a common theme has resonated with EPS: protection and preservation.

Protect and Preserve

EPS can be molded into virtually any shape or size…that’s one of the many reasons why the product is so effective. Custom-molded EPS can keep the product protected and preserved through the manufacturing process, from delivery and to the consumer.


Many factors play an important role when choosing the right packaging material and an overall balance is needed. This includes, not is not limited to: handling, storage, weight, cushioning characteristics, manufacturing efficiency, ease of identification, customer requirements and costs.


When EPS packaging is properly designed and engineered it creates a truly cost-effective protective product.

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