EPS: Leading Construction Application

Expanded Polystyrene (EPS) continues to evolve and prove to be one of the leading construction applications in today’s construction market…


Let us reveal why!


EPS delivers physical and mechanical properties for most insulating needs. The flexible and versatile structures can be cut into sheets, slabs or any desired design to meet specific structures and building codes. Commonly utilized for commercial and residential construction, EPS foam is cut and designed for roofs, floors, walls, below grade and ceilings.


There are many application methods for EPS, the sheathing application is a more basic and widely used for EPS insulation in residential and commercial construction. It helps create an envelope around the structure, covering wall cavities and studs to increase their resistance to heat transfer and moisture protection. An industry standard, it can be applied in exterior or interior, both below and above grade.


EPS provides many advantages to the consumer:


  • Will not deteriorate when exposed to moisture and/or water
  • Fungus, bacteria and rot do not affect EPS performance
  • Has an insignificant degree of water absorption
  • Cost of EPS gives it a significant advantage
  • R-value does not decrease with age
  • Exceeds energy code standards
  • Customized designs


Expressed above are the advantages of EPS application performance, (custom) design and structure to cost-effectiveness, EPS is the ideal choice for green construction insulation needs. EPS material has proven capabilities and only will evolve with new technologies and uses for the material.

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