Take a Look: EPS is Everywhere

Modern life has so many innovations it is easy to no longer notice them as such: they are a part of our lives. Even new technologies are so quickly absorbed we forget how short a time we’ve had them. EPS is such an innovation. While it has been around for longer than, for example, the iPhone, expanded polystyrene, EPS, has not yet reached its 100th birthday. Yet in that time, it has proven to be a reliable, lightweight material for a myriad of uses. It is all around you every day. Here are just a few ways EPS positively impacts your daily life. 

Food Transportation

How your groceries arrive at your home has much to do with EPS these days. Perishable items began shipping nationwide through refrigerated rail cars in the late 19th century. Still, they allowed for minimal customization, and not all products traveled well (interestingly enough, this led to the rise of iceberg lettuce in the American diet due to its ability to handle the journey well from California to the East Coast). 

EPS coolers and liners allow food shipment to keep different products at ideal temperatures. This means shrimp can arrive frozen without being dethawed, while arugula comes cool without losing its crispness from freezing and dethawing. And this can be achieved in the same truck. This same technology allows meal kit vendors like Blue Apron and Hello Fresh to ship directly to your door without having to supply their own refrigerated cars: it can be delivered by a standard UPS or FedEx vehicle. 


Many common pharmaceuticals, such as insulin and type two diabetes drugs, require constant refrigeration, as do most vaccines. EPS containers allow for shipping at precise temperatures, whether to medical facilities or your home. 

Home and Office 

Effective insulation of homes and office buildings is critical to a cool space in summer and a warm space in winter. Using EPS in homes and commercial properties can not only create a more airtight environment making the heating and cooling more efficient, but it can also prevent basement leakage and foundation shifts in areas that see deep ground freezes and thus major dethawing each year. In addition, a (relatively) new type of construction with EPS foam can even exceed LEED expectations, thus delivering a more environmentally friendly home. 

EPS is Everywhere 

The uses for EPS are everywhere. In addition to the above mentioned areas, you can find it in surfboards, floating docks, plant protectors, automotive parts, and airplanes. And that’s just the start of the list! 

If your business is seeking an EPS foam solution, we are happy to help. We encourage you to contact us