Your EPS Foam Summer Essentials

Isn’t summer fun? We mean, there may be nothing better in the world than road trips, picnics and pool fun…right? This is our favorite time of the year for a multiple of reasons. Many, of which, are due to the fact our products thrive in extreme conditions: the hot, the cold and all temperatures in between (the others relate to the lack of jackets, boots and all things ice that narrate our Wisconsin winters…brr!).

Are you planning a summer road trip? We would love to hear all about it; those are the days of creating lifelong memories! While traveling to your destination with a recreational vehicle, do us a favor…look up. Chances are that our company has shape-molded components and created glued assemblies that are essential to an RV’s structure.

Picnics are the next best on our list. Besides your gingham essentials, eps foam coolers are one of our favorites! They do exactly what they say they are going to do…keep your items cool (how reliable!)!

Although they are not one of our market’s served, we can’t help but think that water flotations also make the list for summer necessities. Lounge on the lake, in a pool or float down a river. While doing so, we hope you apply sunscreen prior to venturing out into the sun. Safety first!

Let’s do a quick summary: in winter we want hot, in summer we want cold. We want the temperatures to be just right for our needs and wants during that particular time. Lucky for us, we understand that we may cover your perfect solution as well as that SPF 30 sunscreen.