EPS Fall Virtual Conference

Each fall, the EPS Industry Alliance hosts the Performance, Technology and Operations (PTO) Conference. For those involved with the EPS (expanded polystyrene) production processes, this conference focuses on EPS plant operations and management. 

While current circumstances have halted in-person events, we are thankful to have been able to attend this event virtually, as it only makes us a better, stronger company. The virtual conference series occurred weekly over the span of five weeks, and it covered topics such as boiler maintenance, COVID safety practices, compressed air efficiency, sustainability S.O.S. and insulation R-value. 

In the past, Plymouth Foam (PF) has attended and participated in all that the conference has to offer. We can confidently say this year’s experience was just as great!

“The PTO conference once again delivered exceptional learning experiences for all attendees.  The virtual conference format allowed for more team members to attend and gain insight from industry experts”, said Mark Schuh, VP/GM. 

PF is an engineered particle foam manufacturer.  As a team of perpetual learners, we challenge ourselves to never settle. In order to better serve our loyal customers, we are always looking for ways to improve operations, be innovative and make sustainable choices. Participating in valuable industry conferences, such as the EPS Fall Virtual Conference, allow us to continue making forward strides.

Our team of engineers can utilize existing designs, recommend improvements and/or create brand new solutions based upon specific needs and requirements. 

Contact Plymouth Foam directly at sales@plymouthfoam.com for a collaborative solution to meet your protective packaging and temperature sensitive insulated shipping containers as well as many other applications.  Let us do for you what others can’t!