EPS Expo Recap

This past March, Plymouth Foam members Dave Bolland, George Palmer and Tom Walczak attended the EPS EXPO in Charleston, South Carolina. The three day event was hosted by the EPS Industry Alliance, showcasing industry leaders and the latest technology offered in the EPS industry.

Speakers shared and discussed many topics; EPS recycling, polystyrene bans that have spanned across the country, environmental impact reduction and EPS business related topics were presented. Dave Bolland, President and CEO of Plymouth Foam, commented on the EPS Expo:

“ The annual event highlights the industry’s advances across a variety of fronts – innovation, branding, sustainability – and reflects the strong commitment by the many individuals who continue to serve our customers, families, and communities.”


During the event there were a few awards presented within the industry:


2017 Excellence in EPS Recycling Award: Foam Cycle LLC – Augusta, NJ

Robert Service Award: Ted Grant, Atlas EPS, a Division of Atlas Roofing


Plymouth Foam received the Recycling Bin Raffle, a traveling recycle bin. Please stay tuned; we will have more information to share next week just in time for Earth Day on April 22nd!

As always, Plymouth Foam would like to thank the EPS Industry Alliance for hosting an outstanding and informative event for our industry!