EPS Expo 2023

The Altor Solutions team, of which Plymouth Foam is a part, is excited to head to Orlando next week for the 2023 EPS Expo! The EPS Expo is the foam industry’s chance to network, discuss market trends, learn best practices, and prepare to tackle industry challenges and opportunities. Hosted by the EPS Industry Alliance (EPS-IA), the Expo brings together EPS foam manufacturers from all corners of North America and beyond.

Because the EPS Expo joins some of the industry’s top experts and speakers in one place, our Altor Solutions team members are always excited to attend. This year, team members Terry Moody, CEO of Altor Solutions, Rob Richards, CCO of Altor Solutions, and Mark Schuh, VP/GM of Altor Solutions, who is also an EPS-IA Board Member, will represent our organization at the Expo. The purpose of the event is to learn from peers and discuss topics specially targeted to EPS business interests. In addition, attendees will come home with strategies to deal with industry and business-specific challenges and ways to implement new best practices.

This year’s keynote speaker will discuss “Resiliency in the Midst of Uncertainty” and provide our leaders with information that brings together “science and practical advice to provide an inspiring toolkit for resilience that will lead directly to greater success.” This is perfect timing as we are rolling out our Altor Solutions three-year strategic plan! We encourage you to check out this year’s agenda: https://www.epsindustry.org/eps-expo.

If we can be of assistance on your current or upcoming projects from any of our nineteen (19) Altor Solutions locations in the US and Mexico, please reach out at sales@plymouthfoam.com

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