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EPS Construction – What are the top qualities?

Airpop® (EPS) can be tailored for a variety of applications in building and construction including, but not limited to, residential and commercial building, roadway and foundation stabilization and a wide range of other custom solutions.

Airpop® (EPS) is considered the most cost effective insulation material for building and construction needs; it is light, made of 98% air, and offers rigid material. With our expertise and equipment, we are able to customize and shape mold Airpop® (EPS) in-house for any intricate project.

Airpop® (EPS) Top Qualities for Construction

-Will not deteriorate when exposed to moisture and/or water
-Fungus, bacteria and rot do not affect Airpop® (EPS) performance
-Has an insignificant degree of water absorption
-Cost of Airpop® (EPS) gives it a significant advantage
-R-value does not decrease with age
-Exceeds energy code standards
–Customized designs

Airpop® (EPS) is not biodegradable and provides effective R-value even in high moisture conditions. The R-Value of EPS remains constant throughout its lifetime; the cellular structure of EPS contains only stabilized air, it does not experience thermal drift and lose insulating properties.

Airpop® (EPS)  is your green building solution. Contact us at sales@plymouthfoam.com for your building and construction Airpop® (EPS) needs!