EPS Cold Chain: Changing The Packaging Industry

Globally about a third of the food produced from human consumption goes to waste…yes, we said that correctly…a third will go to waste. An even more astonishing fact to consider is that more than a quarter of the 400 billion pounds of edible food is spoiled each year during transport, according to article EPS Cold Chain Solutions.

Cue EPS cold chain solutions.

Besides the protection performance EPS offers; the reliable insulation qualities make an ingenious solution. It is correct to assume that fluctuating temperatures impact sensitive products or produce; shelf life is reduced and spoiling occurs. Cold chain packaging can keep produce of any sort fresh for extended periods of time due to the thickness and thermal properties.

Industries that rely on cold chain technology are: agricultural produce, fresh food, seafood, pharmaceutical and life sciences.

Agricultural Produce, Fresh Food & Seafood
EPS packaging is the most efficient material for storing fruits and vegetables and is the preferred cold chain solution for seafood protections. What makes EPS the best method? Long story short, it keeps its contents well insulated; hot things hot, cold things cold.

With the rapid growth of mail-order and online food, EPS has been saving companies money, increasing customer expectations and improving the bottom line, especially on specialty foods that have a limited lifespan.

Pharmaceutical & Life Sciences
Pharmaceutical and life sciences cold chain is expected to expand to nearly $10.7 billion this 2017 year; pharmaceutical leaders rely on EPS for product safety, security and even temperature it provides to life saving vaccines (around the world).

EPS manufacturers invest in sustainability to continue improving processes for production, distribution and disposal. Such innovations include custom designed containers that prevent cargo damage are cost efficient and lightweight.

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