Entering the Holiday Season: Thankful

Thanksgiving: a holiday founded on the premise of harvesting; Thanksgiving has historical roots in cultural and religious traditions and is observed by countries such as Canada, United State, Saint Lucia, Grenada and Liberia. For many of us, it’s more than a national holiday. It’s a day dedicated to giving thanks for the blessings that occurred during that year.

We are thankful for various reasons this season; in fact, so thankful that we discovered a special poem for you to enjoy and share:

We’re Thankful For…
We’re thankful for the basics:
food, clothing and comfortable shelter;
the rest is a beautiful bonus.
We’re thankful for work, play
and the treasured people
who make these experiences
richer and more meaningful.
We’re most thankful
For family and friends,
especially the dear friends
who are reading this card (blog)!

Happy Thanksgiving! (By Joanna Fuchs)

Visit us again next week to see photos from this year’s annual holiday parade in downtown Plymouth. (Hint: This year’s theme is anything but despicable.)