Plymouth Foam – Industry First Eco-Friendly Packaging

Earthhide™, products by Plymouth Foam (PF), represent environmentally friendly and sustainable packaging and insulated products customized to specific applications. 

The life cycle of Earthhide products begin with the initial manufacturing of the protective packaging, insulated shipping container, etc. and comes full circle once it reaches a landfill, where it breaks down and converts into reusable energy.

As an environmentally friendly option to meet protective packaging and insulated shipping container needs, Earthhide™ products are a complement to EPS (expanded polystyrene) products. Disposable in either a landfill or recycling center, this final stage solution leaves our planet a better place to live, work and play. Its enhanced landfill biodegradation capabilities allows for microbes to consume Earthhide™ via organic biodegradation, which produces humus and biogas for clean, reliable energy. 

This protective packaging option offers insulation in addition to shock and vibration protection. Great for temperature sensitive products, it is often used in the pharmaceutical and food and beverage industry. Furthermore, it provides OEM solutions that make the best use of chosen materials for appliances. 

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