Plymouth Foam Launches Earthhide™ – Eco-Friendly Innovation

Plymouth, Wisconsin – August 4, 2020 – Plymouth Foam is introducing a new business venture titled Earthhide™ which will feature environmentally friendly and sustainable products customized to specific applications.  New technologies allow for products in consumer packaging, pharmaceutical niches, and insulated shipping containers to be environmentally friendly and sustainable. As a bonus, Earthhide™ can be recycled everywhere that expanded polystyrene is accepted, as well as responsibly disposed in available home and business waste management systems.

The material is American Society for Testing and Materials – ASTM D5511 compliant; a test designed to represent biodegradation in biologically active landfills. In addition, the test determines the rate of anaerobic biodegradation of plastic materials in high solids anaerobic conditions in landfills. 

“Our Earthhide™ innovation leverages our over 40 years of particle foam solutions experience in protective packaging, food and beverage, pharmaceutical, appliance and OEM applications.  Our customers have been integral in the development process, guiding our direction to expand the category and complement our existing solutions,” said David Bolland, President & CEO, Plymouth Foam.

Plymouth Foam and its partners pride themselves on translating technology and innovation leadership into new, green packaging solutions that both businesses and consumers can support. Earthhide™ is a U.S. based, proprietary venture owned, manufactured and marketed by Plymouth Foam. 

About Plymouth Foam 

At Plymouth Foam “we do what we can’t” and we do it daily for our customers and partners in a people-first culture driven by creative collaboration and innovative applications of engineered particle foam. Our markets include Food & Beverage, Pharmaceutical, Building & Construction, OEM, Recreational Vehicles, Appliances and Consumer Packaging. 

Plymouth Foam was founded in 1978.  We have facilities in Plymouth, WI, and Gnadenhutten, OH and a joint venture partnership in Schaumaplast GmbH who has facilities in the U.S., Germany and Poland.  

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