EarthhideTM Silver LinerTM Exclusively from Plymouth Foam

EarthhideTM Silver LinerTM is an eco-friendly Enhanced Thermal Performance foam core insulation shipping liner. Readily available, this final state product provides some of the best long-term benefits for our environment. When you use any EarthhideTM product, you can feel good knowing it is a sustainable option for a green future.  

A trademark of Plymouth Foam (PF), this eco-friendly insulated packaging option is both fully customizable and easy to assemble. It is adaptable to preexisting carton sizes and styles, which means no tooling costs. Furthermore, it is a 2-piece concept and ships flat with three times the reduction to freight volume and warehouse space. Earthhide Silver Liner is used in the pharmaceutical industry and for meal kit delivery systems to effectively protect and control temperatures of cold chain products. 

After use of Earthhide Silver Liner, seperate the reflective film from the insulation for proper disposal in your trash. Once the product is introduced into an anaerobic landfill environment it is designed to be converted into landfill gas (LFG) that is harvested to produce renewable energy (LFGE) in the form of electricity, direct use for industrial heating, vehicle fuel and renewable natural gas (RNG). As protective packaging particles are broken down into reusable methane, no microplastics are left behind.

Learn more about the technical data to help support your selection of Earthhide for your products: Earthhide Silverliner Tech Data Sheet

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