Doing Our Part

Chances are that by now you have experienced some sort of winter weather. Despite it being early November, we (here in Wisconsin!) have already seen morning frost, low temperatures, and yes, even snow! But lucky for you and your family, you have the shelter of your home to keep warm. All it takes is you cranking up the heat, putting on a pair of wooly socks, and perhaps even building a nice, crackling fire in your fireplace.

So, you are all set. But have you ever stopped to think about the animals who have to fight the harsh conditions all winter?

Recently a request came to our attention from the Native American Wildlife Resource Center in Ohio. This request was for panels to insulate cages in order to keep rescued animals warm this winter. Every year, plenty of sick, injured and orphaned animals are in need of care and homes.

Despite this being a unique request, we are dedicated to our customers and will be happily attempting to fulfill their needs. Plus, with those harsh winter winds in the Midwest approaching, we want to do our part to keep everyone safe and warm this season.