Divider Workspace Protection Now Available

You have inspired us.

Today’s world has encouraged a new level of safety and mindfulness of our surroundings. Hand washing. Face and mouth protection. Social distancing. Safer at home orders. With an enhanced view of safety, you have inspired our team members.

Introducing Divider Workspace Protection.

This freestanding, lightweight, durable, customizable divider can keep you and your coworkers separated but working together efficiently. It assists with avoiding close contact, protecting yourself and those around you yet is made of durable laminated material which is simple to assemble and is cost effective! Perhaps the best part? Our engineers are able to customize the divider to fit in your respective workspaces.

“When we developed the divider at Plymouth Foam it occurred to us, there are other companies who can use the product in their facility to protect their team as well” said Mark Schuh, VP/GM Plymouth Foam.

Our goal is to help everyone stay safe while working….with Divider Workspace Protection! Please contact us at sales@plymouthfoam.com, calling our team at 800-669-1176 or visiting us online. We are ready to help you and your associates stay safe and healthy!