Designing Protective Packaging Solutions

Protective packaging problems? We get it. Your company needs to keep your products protected and preserved through the logistics process. You want a safe, yet cost effective, solution in protective packaging. At Plymouth Foam, we work diligently with you and your product’s design, development and production process.

We Get It There Safely

“Foam”, in all of the types of materials that we apply, has a long-standing, well-deserved, reputation for providing cushioning, insulation and protection throughout the shipping and handling process. We work with our customers to meet and exceed ISTA* standards.  We think of it as “cradling” your precious cargo so it arrives to the end-user in exactly the way that it left the end of your production line.

Our Products

Airpop® (EPS) or Airehide® (EPP) can be molded or fabricated into virtually any shape or size…that’s one of the many reasons why our product is so effective. Customized Airpop® (EPS) or Airehide® (EPP) can keep the product protected and preserved through the shipping, handling and entire logistics process, from manufacturing to delivery and to the end consumer.  Also keep in mind, depending upon your volume needs, we offer custom fabrication to protect your products.

Many factors play an important role when choosing the right packaging material and an overall balance is needed. This includes, not limited to: handling, storage, weight, cushioning characteristics, manufacturing efficiency, ease of identification, customer requirements and costs.  Our design engineers have a reputation of finding unique, cost effective solutions.

When Airpop® (EPS) or Airehide® (EPP) packaging is properly designed and engineered it creates a truly cost-effective protective product.

 Let us help you solve your protective packaging needs.  You can contact our team directly:

 *ISTA is The International Safe Transit Association, a global alliance of shippers, carriers, suppliers, testing laboratories, and educational and research institutions focused on the specific concerns of transport packaging.