Day of Caring

We are so excited to be participating in this year’s United Way of Sheboygan County’s Day of Caring! On September 16th, Plymouth Foam (PF) team members met at Sheboygan County’s fairgrounds for the opening ceremony. Our team members were on site at Horizons4Girls in Sheboygan

Volunteers created two-sided positive affirmation messages on yard signs that were placed at entrances to schools encouraging students to be safely engaged in their education and the school day, even positive messages on the backside of signs visible when exiting schools.  

We also had our own Amanda George, member of the Emerging Leaders Group at Camp Evelyn. They worked alongside a team from Muth Mirrors to clean up trees, brushes, rocks and weeds to get the area ready for reseeding!

This year’s event was an in-person event; the United Way of Sheboygan County provided an option to take the month of September and use it for a Random Acts of Kindness Challenge! All entries submitted prior to October 1st will be eligible to win a special gift from Kohler Company! Last year, over 500 random acts of kindness were submitted! 

Although last year’s Day of Caring looked different by being virtual, a huge impact was still made within the community – 

  • In-person Volunteer Opportunities: 49 volunteers provided 196 hours of socially distant in-person volunteering around Sheboygan County. This is a significant decrease due to COVID-19. Nonprofits reported being unable to host in-person volunteer opportunities due to staff capacity and adequate space.
  • (NEW) Acts of Kindness Challenge: 507+ acts of kindness completed and submitted.
  • (NEW) Virtual Volunteer Opportunities: 16 volunteers participated in virtual opportunities such as making inspirational cards for clients, marketing and public relations support.
  • (NEW) Donation Drives: 300+ children’s books donated for Community Partnership for Children organized by UWSC Emerging Leaders. Nonprofits reported 253 additional items donated that day.

Our team members are eager to get involved with the Day of Caring event every year! We are so fortunate to have a team that loves giving back to the communities where we live and play.