Congratulations Darren Lindstrom, Plymouth Foam is Proud of Our EMT Certified First Responder!

Acknowledging Darren Lindstrom

We would like to congratulate Plymouth Foam team member, Darren Lindstrom, on meeting all requirements, schooling and passing his certification to become a Certified EMT. We are so proud of Darren and his accomplishments.  


Read his story below!


Darren’s story started long before he knew it…He watched his mother, a nurse of 41 years, help and care for people; he observed the joy it brought to her. From that point on, Darren knew he wanted to make a difference in his lifetime. About 21 years ago, after moving to the beautiful  Elkhart Lake area, Darren became a member of Elkhart Lake Fire Department. Roughly eight years ago, Elkhart Lake developed a volunteer First Responder program. The past two years, Darren has served as the lead of the 19 Elkhart Lake First Responders; each responder carries a pager and is on call 24/7/365.


That’s just the beginning.


This year, Darren pursued his EMT Certification, completing 108 hours of course and class work and 30 to 40 hours of ride along time in an ambulance. Darren adds, “It’s a very rewarding experience and if anyone would like to get involved, specifically in the Elkhart Lake area, we are always looking for people to volunteer and become First Responders.”


Darren is a Cost Accountant with us at Plymouth Foam. “Plymouth Foam is a very supportive company and encourages me to do great things in our community,” Darren notes.  


We are so proud of our associates going above and beyond in our communities.  Congratulations Darren on your hardwork and dedication!


To get more information on the EMT Program or getting involved in Elkhart Lake First Responders, please contact:


Darren Lindstrom
610 S. Lincoln Street, P.O. Box 72
Elkhart Lake, WI 53020
Phone: 920-912-0737
Email: or


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