CrossFit Western Ridge On Site

Have you ever walked into a gym and immediately felt intimidated? We have too, which is why it was important for us to create a welcoming, interactive gym experience for everyBODY.


We love having a gym on site and encourage all of our Plymouth Foam (PF) team members to take advantage of it! CrossFit Western Ridge offers convenient class times throughout the day to accommodate all PF shifts. With a discount membership offered to all PF team members, it makes going to the gym both convenient and affordable.

Our team has seen firsthand the benefits of including time at the gym as part of one’s day. Not only does it keep one physically and mentally fit, it is a definite mood booster and contributes to a healthy work-life balance.

We encourage you to join the fun and fill out a quick application at! Starting pay is $17.00/hr with $2.00/hr 2nd and 3rd shift premium and great benefits. In addition, we also offer a $200 referral bonus paid in full after one year of employment.