Come for the paycheck – Stay for the people

Most of us know someone who has taken a job just for the paycheck – that person might even be you. Because unfortunately, life sometimes means doing what we have to rather than what we would like to do. At Plymouth Foam, an Altor Solutions Company, we are not so naive as to think that everyone who joins our team is doing so because they think we are a great company. However, we are proud that many of them stay for that reason. What started as a job they never intended to be at long term has turned into an ideal position. 

One of the themes interwoven throughout the below video is a company culture that embodies community. The team is diverse in ethnicity, ability, and experience but unified in that they all care for each other. Plymouth Foam, an Altor Solutions Company, encourages its employees to care about their teammates and implements policies and benefits that help them feel cared for themselves. 

Check out the below video for a glimpse into the PF culture. If it sounds like a family you would want to be a part of, we encourage you to apply to one of our open positions at: