Let’s take a minute out of our busy schedules to sit back and think about how boring our world would be without any colors. Now, we know what you’re thinking… You are located in Plymouth, Wisconsin it’s January, snow is falling; colors aren’t exactly splashed everywhere this time of year – in fact, gray, white and an occasional green are the only colors to see. Regardless, let that white snow create a blank canvas in your mind and let’s talk about color and how it can transform that image – better yet your company – to be brighter.

Whether you know it or not, color is a pretty important element to our company and industry. We particularly focus on three factors relating to color: Material, Lamination and Paint. To get started we’ll talk about Colored Material. This category can describe EPS (which is just a fancy acronym to mean standard, white foam)… Wait, did you just read the word WHITE again?! Not to worry color fanatics! This plastic can be changed to your favorite basic hue just by adding some colorants. Some foam types also BEGIN the process as a different color, like blue or black for example; indicating the foam’s density. Colored Material is also used for marketing efforts, so if it’s aesthetically pleasing that you’re looking for, we’ve got you covered (pink foam snowmen COULD be extremely popular this time of year – hello, POS display).

Color is also a factor in projects that require Lamination. Yes, we’re kind of referring to that laminate your teacher used so his or her “Master Copy” wouldn’t be ruined. Our kind of laminate has the same idea: to cover the foam to give it flexibility. “So when you need the beneficial properties of EPS, but want to overcome its potential to break, the lamination can provide flexibility and strength as well as color or advertising copy!

And finally, when a project requires Paint, you can bet that color is involved. With a project such as constructing toy model airplanes for Air Hogs®, we can paint the details on each airplane right at our facility. With any other project, we can provide all-over colors or just detailing in any shade of the rainbow.

We hate to be the bearer of bad news, but we’re pretty sure that the cold, white snow may be sticking around for a while, don’t worry…we’re bored with it, too. But for now, perhaps we can add just a hint of brightness to your day.