Change EPA’s Nonsense in Sheboygan County


Following the Sheboygan’s non-attainment video release last Thursday,  The Journal Sentinel released the article: Change EPA’s nonsense Sheboygan County.


Quoted in article is very critical deposition that Congress needs to act accordingly, “Congress can, and should, act now to provide much-needed flexibility to state and local units of government that simply want to use the most accurate data possible to comply with EPA regulations. Without such action, Sheboygan County (and others) will remain No Grow Zones, despite clean air and a very high quality of life.”


Sheboygan County is at a serious competitive disadvantage if considered a “No Grow Zone”. Imagine, new and current businesses unable to expand, grow and excel: it’s a scary situation that could potentially happen.


As mentioned last week, we highlighted The Wisconsin Institute for Law & Liberty, The Wisconsin Manufactures & Commerce and the Sheboygan Chamber of Commerce’s video “EPA making Sheboygan “No Growth Zone”.


Steve Steinpreis, Director Technical Services, Plymouth Foam, Inc. , explained in the video, “That our competitor, right across the border in another county, they have a two page report…they can get those processes changed in four to five weeks. But us, Our report is 14 pages long for the EPA permit and takes four to five months to get a permit change.”


Here at Plymouth Foam, “We spend hundreds of thousands of dollars on air pollution control equipment our neighbors don’t have to spend,” Steinpreis said.