Celebrating Our 39th Anniversary

We celebrated our 39th Anniversary with an annual company picnic! One year ago, we launched our initiative into EPF and our partnership with Schaumaplast; this year we’re launching Airehide®! This Experience represents our adventure into particle foams where design, creativity and development of products take place. (Click here for more details.)

During our annual picnic, associates, partners and friends enjoyed the sunny weather, great conversation and savory food from local restaurant, Parker John’s! We still can not decide on the best dish… macaroni and cheese, shredded BBQ pork or the strawberry shortcake…? Celebrating Donna’s 66th Birthday also allowed for extra treats (Happy Belated Birthday!).

David Bolland, President and CEO of Plymouth Foam, Inc. spoke to the whole team, expressing sincere gratitude. Along with his speech, our fearless leader showed perseverance and won a close game of Bean Bag Toss with partner, Mark Schuh.

Overall, it was a great day to celebrate our 39th Anniversary (and counting)!

We could not be more proud of the hard work and dedication that has been accomplished by the Plymouth Foam team. They are the reason we continue to experience success!

To learn more about Plymouth Foam, please visit us at www.plymouthfoam.com.