Grow Your Career with Us!

What do you dream of in a job? If you are anything like the team members of Plymouth Foam, what you hope for are seemingly simple things:

  • A welcoming environment.
  • Caring team leaders.
  • The opportunity to grow.
  • A work-life balance.

But we all know that as simple as these ideas sound on paper, many businesses do not do them well. At Plymouth Foam, an Altor Solutions Company, we know they are harder to accomplish than they look. Nevertheless, we are dedicated to them. We have even gone so far as to have a specific group of team members dedicated to our people and culture! After all, it is everyone’s job to ensure an inviting company culture.

A vital element of good company culture is the ability to grow in your role and your work. The human spirit loves to keep moving forward and pushing towards the next goal. Plymouth Foam understands this, so we seek to promote from within and offer frequent training for personal and professional growth. If this sounds like a place you would like to work, we encourage you to check out our current openings. In the meantime, hear what our current team members say about career growth at Plymouth Foam.