Businesses Take Initiative To Recycle

Since the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, there has been “an incredible uptick in both the use and the disposal of packaging that is critical for us to function within our current socially distant way of life. Much of this packaging is made using material that is indeed recyclable, if it can be handled properly” (Resource Recycling). 

With this knowledge, we cannot stress enough the importance of recycling! Recycling reduces the amount of waste sent to landfills, prevents pollution, conserves natural resources and makes our living environment a better place for all.

On an individual and business level, we are seeing more and more people taking the initiative to responsibly recycle EPS. “Companies that use EPS on a day-to-day basis are implementing internal recycling programs. Walmart has created a closed-loop EPS recycling plan that takes the collected material and uses it to create recycled picture frames” (Walmart and Polystyrene). Amongst other companies, The Home Depot has also taken the lead on sustainability efforts by reusing EPS foam from appliance packaging and turning it into an insulation product that can be resold (Circular Economy: Transforming Trash Into Treasure).  

Polystyrene recycling continues to see innovative and sustainable advancements. At Plymouth Foam (PF) we fully support sustainability and environmentally responsible decisions. 

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