Building Inspectors Investigate EPS

Last week our Plymouth Foam headquarters had the opportunity to host 35 State Building Inspectors from across Wisconsin. This engaging group asked questions relating to our products and their credibility as it relates to their jobs.  We often times receive phone calls from Building Inspectors inquiring about EPS performance and “how to use” questions involved in construction projects; ensuring building codes are being met for the integrity of the structure and safety of all. Many callers want to know that our products are tested and approved; others are seeking information on the material composition.


We feel this was a positive experience to allow Building Inspectors to see firsthand how we convert the materials; gaining a better understanding for of the contribution EPS makes to the markets we serve.  In fact, the two areas that generated most of the discussions were framed around Geofoam applications and overall product stability used in construction;  wanting to know more about the impact to the environment. Based on the questions asked throughout the visit along with their concluding comments, it was apparent that the majority had gained a better appreciation for what our industry offers.

Some had commented that they had inaccurately perceived our product to be toxic. One of the Inspectors gave perhaps the best endorsement just before leaving, encouraging us to “get the word out about the benefits of the products that we make.” He stated there are many misconceptions not only regarding the energy savings through thermal performance but how our products are negatively cast as part of the waste stream; the many benefits of utilizing EPS are often overshadowed through this perception. EPS has a very low Carbon Footprint and is a significant contributor to reducing energy consumption… That’s good for all of us!

A reminder to our industry that having an open door policy for schools, community and other stakeholders has a profound impact on correcting misperceptions, please encourage this amongst your organizations.


Visit the Wisconsin Association of Home Inspectors website: