“Blowback: Why Polystyrene Bans Do More Harm Than Good.”

Recent article “Blowback Opinion: Why Polystyrene Bans Do More Harm Than Good,”  experienced high interest through Facebook,  when the EPS-IA re-posted from the president of the Los angeles Chamber of Commerce, creating excellent conversation for or against the LA times opinion editorial.


The catchy title dug deep in the issue of why banning polystyrenes does more harm than good to the industry and  environment. By 2020…three years from now… California has set the goal of 75% waste reduction including substantive ways to achieve the goal and create education program to maintain the issue.


The main issue relates to single-use food-service products:  take-out food containers, roasted chicken containers, straws, drink cups and much more. The fear of banning single-use-food-service containers could result to higher non-foam cup litter; proved in 2008 when San Francisco banned the single-use food-service had jumped significantly.  With further review of the State Water Resources Control Board reviewed the best recommendations to limit trash in the waterways and encourage municipalities to enact on policies that would achieve statewide goals.o Overall a product ban would not reduce trash and would not assist in achieving compliance.


What’s the solution?


“Instead of bans, we should consider new solutions. We know there are innovators here in our backyard that are making a difference.”


In Los Angeles, Titus MRF Services,  has been partnering with primary material recovery facilities to further “recycle” before it goes to the landfill. Specifically, recyclables including aluminum cans, polystyrene and expanded polystyrene.


Taking the approach of hard work, comprehensive and innovative recycling, and education programs will be the right approach towards achieving a zero-waste society.