BioEPS® New Name, Same Sustainable Commitment

One of the many reasons it was such an excellent choice for Plymouth Foam to join the Altor Solutions family is because of our mutual desire to facilitate many of the same goals. One of these goals is a commitment to sustainability. 

Effective today, April 28, 2022, we will migrate our Earthhide™ brand of BioDegradable EPS to the trademark name BioEPS®, owned by Altor Solutions. Plymouth Foam chose to make this change because BioEPS® better describes the characteristics of the material. As a result, consumers and customers are more likely to understand what it is without the need for an explanation. Additionally, both products are made of the same materials and properties, making it a change in name only. 

Ultimately, the goal of both Plymouth Foam and the whole Altor Solutions family is to help companies reimagine sustainable packaging. We want to see consumer and commercial products safely transported so that they arrive undamaged, and we want to see it done in a manner that helps the environment. Here are just a few of the characteristics of BioEPS® that make it such a great choice: 

  • BioEPS® products are landfill biodegradable—anaerobically biodegrade an average of 92% over four years
  • BioEPS® is Recyclable as #6 with all EPS
  • BioEPS® maintains the exceptional performance characteristics of molded EPS foam: High Strength, Light Weight, Superior Insulation, Shelf Life Stable.
  • BioEPS® products meet FDA 21 CFR requirements for food contact applications.

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