Better Farming…Thanks, EPS!

Our partner at the EPS Alliance Industry recently launched the 2015 Fall Edition of their newsletter; this edition includes current news and events in areas such as sustainability, building and construction, packaging, innovation and technology. Each article presented gives a thorough overview as to emerging topics in the EPS industry. Although several topics caught our eye (we will provide an overview of each in upcoming weeks), one in particular stood out for us to first highlight. It’s title: EPS Helps Farm a Better Fish.

                The article starts off by stating,

                                “The world’s appetite for seafood is voracious – seafood consumption has increased 3.2 percent every year for the last five decades and fish is now the most traded animal commodity on the planet with about 100 million tons of wild and farmed fish sold each year. Since the late 1980’s, however, wild capture production has essentially stagnated. So it’s no surprise that aquaculture is one of the fastest growing food-producing sectors.

It later goes on to confirm:

                                “ Poliestieno Alfa-Gamma is creating above ground fish farm pools from insulated concrete forms (ICF’s). They have engineered and built several successful ICF fish farm pools throughout Mexico. Long known as an effective green building material, ICF’s provide exceptional climate control and energy efficiency; the temperature inside the pools at a consistent, optimum level, which results in an increased fish harvest.”

EPS continues to be the premiere choice for cost efficiency, performance and temperature control in various markets and projects. This ideal use for EPS has us reminiscing on a Rough Brothers project from 2012 where float beds were created as a housing dock for growing produce.

Yes, the possibilities for EPS use are endless.


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