Being Innovative With Our Applications

We find it in our everyday lives; bicycle helmets, roadways, or vehicles and is used in many applications that are unexpected. Did you guess EPS? You are correct!

Today we’ll provide a brief overview of (a few) innovation applications for EPS foam. This is including, but not limited to thematic elections, automotive, geofoam, floatation, lost foam and safety devices. With the being said please visit our page weekly, for the next six weeks, to learn about each one more in-depth.

  • Thematic Elements – Offering an additional dimension. You may have passed EPS foam at your favorite theme park, saw it during your favorite musical or while on vacation. Thematic elements refers to unique foam structures that are three-dimensional; an example can be seen on the Las Vegas strip.


  • Automotive – Keeping us safe. We are endlessly searching for lighter, safer and more fuel efficient vehicles. EPS foam in the automotive industry can be found in places such as under seat cushions, in the dashboard and over headliners. It also acts at the first line of defense, in the incident of a collision.


  • Geofoam – Remember the dog park that was built in Chicago using EPS foam? This is the term associated with just that: building. Geofoam acts as a lightweight yet durable foundation used in construction on roadways, building foundations and slope stabilization.


  • Flotation – Its summer and we’re ready for anything water related. In this case we are referencing flotation devices such as rafts or docks. EPS is 98% air and is highly buoyant.


  • Lost Foam – Casting is not just for wax anymore. This process is similar to investment casting (also known as lost-wax casting) except for the pattern material where EPS foam is used instead of wax. This offers a cost-effective and efficient solution to pattern mold manufacturing challenges.


  • Safety Devices – Staying safe is easy with EPS foam. EPS foam’s ability to absorb energy saves lives virtually every day. Found in items such as bicycle helmets, sports pads or child car seats, EPS foam offers a protective function that performs well in hard impacts yet is lightweight and durable in use.


As you can see, EPS foam is found in our everyday lives; after reading all the possibilities or where it can be found…where have you encountered it recently?