We Visited BASF designfabrik® in Ludwigshafen Germany

On November 13th, 2017, David Bolland, President/CEO and Doreen Lettau, Vice President Market & Business Development were invited to the BASF designfabrik® in Ludwigshafen Germany.

“This was a very prestigious invitation and was made possible because of the relationship between Schaumaplast and BASF” said David Bolland.

The Ludwigshafen BASF site is beyond words.  There are app. 39,000 employees, app. 2,000 buildings on the site, ca. 200 production facilities, 230 km (143 Miles) rails, 2,850 km (1,770 miles) of pipes, 106 km (66 miles) of streets.

The business development and design teams learned more about new BASF materials including ecovio® EA and Infinergy®.

Ecovio® EA is certified compostable expandable particle foam with high bio based content.  For more information, please click here.

Infinergy® is E-TPU material that is used in large part for Adidas® Boost shoes.  “Other applications are in development and we see this as a great new addition to the Plymouth Foam Airehide® experience” said Doreen Lettau.

“We were so amazed at the scale of the operation.  The development and innovation of the work being done at designfabrik® by the BASF team is incredible.  We have so many ideas from the meeting, we are excited to share new concepts with our teams and customers,” said Lettau.


Pictured (l-r):  Dr. Bangaru Sampath BASF, David Bolland PF, Dirk Werrmann SPI, Marcus Hoffmann SPI, Christian Fritzsche SPI, Juergen Lambert BASF, Anne Lena Ebmeyer BASF, Doreen Lettau, PF, Jan Kössler BASF