Assemble the Minions!

As Gru once said, “Assemble the minions!”


Every year, we participate in the Plymouth, Wisconsin Holiday Parade. The parade allows us to showcase the talents of our associates within the community they live, work and play. It also is the unveiling of which non-profit our company chooses to support throughout the year, especially during the holiday season.

This year’s parade was one to be celebrated. Out of many topics put forth to our associates, their top choice led us to a ‘minion’ themed parade float. As seen by the photos below, this year’s float included mechanical parts that allowed one of the minions to jump up and down on the bed, red siren lights placed a top our American Red Cross ambulance (that actually drove!) and minions of various kinds; boy scouts, babies, pirates, pageant queens. Gru even made a special appearance; looking over the organized chaos. Per tradition, our associates gathered and marched the route handing (and throwing) our signature foam baseballs; in an assortment of colors.

Our project lead, Leonard LaBoy made the following comments:

                        “With the Minions movie in the theaters, we thought this theme would get the attention of children and adults alike. The various kinds of minions really showcases the creativity of our associates.The American Red Cross Disaster Services vehicle followed closely behind because, if you know your minions, it will probably end in disaster. We wanted to go “above and beyond” this year, hopefully starting a tradition of the onlookers wondering…. “What will the Plymouth Foam float look like this year?”

Creative, indeed! This annual traditional leads us to emphasize the talents and capabilities of our entire team. From the design to the finished product this again showcases the fact that there is no project we leave despicable. Watch the video: