And the Winner of The Roberts Service Award is…

The winner of this year’s Roberts Service Award is Gervin Groinigg of HIRSCH. This award is named after the Roberts family who founded Plymouth Foam; longtime supports and leaders in the EPS Association.

Gervin has gone above and beyond helping the organization and industry. In March of 2013, Gervin was named the new managing director of HIRSCH Servo Group, an international company, located in Austria, with core expertise in EPS. He has served as an emergency replacement speaker at European and Asian meetings, saving EPS-IA thousands of dollars in travel expenses, and is always available to assist with problems and provide information. He supports our industry conferences, continually exhibiting and sponsoring (and sometimes speaking) at both EPS EXPO and PTO.

All of us here at Plymouth Foam extend the warmest congratulations to Gerwin and the HIRSCH Servo Group. We are proud to recognize him as an key industry supporter and leader!