Altor Solutions at ISTA Forum

Altor Solutions and its family of brands stay on top of industry trends to continue providing its customers with the latest best practices. We succeed when you succeed. To that end, our team attends several industry-relevant conferences annually. For example, this week members of our leadership team traveled to sunny Houston, Texas, for the ISTA Forum 2023.   

The ISTA Forum is where “the packaging community comes together to tackle today’s challenges, explore industry best practices, discover latest trends, and shape the future of transport packaging.” As you’ll know from previous blogs, one of the primary uses for EPS foam is in the safe transportation of goods, thanks to its shock absorption abilities. 

CCO Rob Richards and CEO Terry Moody were on-site for this year’s forum. Both were excited to network and learn from the “best brains in the industry” as Altor Solutions continues to provide effective, sustainable packaging solutions to its customers. They had the opportunity to meet with various packaging engineers and leaders of the packaging industry where they also shared Altor Solutions sustainability plan over the next three years.

Working with Plymouth Foam or any other Altor Solutions brands gives you access to our ISTA-certified stress testing lab, where we assess prototype packaging for effectiveness and make any necessary changes before production. We work with several engineered foams, which we carefully choose for each packaging requirement. Different shapes, densities, colors, and finishes are all customized for the application. 

If we can help you with your packaging needs from concept to design to fabrication, please reach out to us