Altor Solutions – Location, Location, Location

If you think that you know Plymouth Foam, think again! Since becoming part of the Altor Solutions family of brands in 2021, regional manufacturing and service has become multinational.  As part of Altor Solutions we represent nineteen manufacturing locations, supporting local economies and customers across North America! 

What brings all our locations together are the exceptional people and the mission and vision of Altor Solutions. Altor Solutions is part of the Compass Diversified family of businesses and we seek to innovate flexible, manufactured solutions that protect people, products, and the environment. 

Our sustainable, people and product-driven solutions are available all across the United States and Mexico. 

Whether you have one manufacturing location or dozens of sites, if you are looking for a packaging solution with engineering design and service at every touch point look no further than Altor Solutions. Contact us today to get started! 

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