Red, White and Blue from Coast to Coast

Next week’s Fourth of July holiday has us reflecting on our roots all across the country. We’re not just red, white and blue in our brand colors, the history of the Altor Solutions facilities lies all across the United States of America. From sea to shining sea…if you’ll forgive the pun! We thought we would celebrate by sharing some fun facts related to Independence Day in a few of our many home states.

In Rhode Island (our Cranston Facility), you will find the oldest Independence Day celebration in the town of Bristol. It dates back to 1785. Traditions have varied, but today’s residents can enjoy a spectacular parade each year.

The Liberty Bell in Philadelphia might be Pennsylvania’s (our Bloomsburg and Erie Facilities) most famous Independence Day history. But the state was also the first to have a newspaper print the Declaration of Independence. The newspaper was called The Pennsylvania Evening Post and was a popular German and English publication from 1775 to 1783.

Meanwhile, Massachusetts (our Northbridge Facility) was the first state to declare the 4th of July as an official state holiday in 1781. Many other states followed suit, though it was not until 1941 that it became a Federal holiday.

Wisconsin (our Plymouth Facility) is too far west to share in some of the oldest history surrounding the holiday, but it is the birthplace of Ron Kovic. Kovic is a novelist most famous for his book Born on the Fourth of July. It was later adapted into a movie in which Kovic was portrayed by Tom Cruise.

And all the way on the West Coast, California (our Modesto and Compton facilities) boasts the country’s shortest 4th of July parade. It takes place in Aptos, CA and only covers two city blocks – a little over half a mile. But local residents don’t stop celebrating after the two short blocks. They head down the street to an event known as Party in the Park where they enjoy live music, food, and games.

Plymouth Foam and Altor Solutions are proud to call the United States of America home. Learn more about Altor Solutions and all of the communities we live in at

And if we can help you with any of your packaging needs this summer, be sure to reach out to our team. Happy Fourth of July!