Truth Be Told…Airpop © EPS Packaging

Expanded polystyrene (EPS) Airpop © , continues be a driver in recycled materials.  Recycling EPS has been in action for over 25 years. The material has evidence to support it’s recyclability and is relied on by businesses and consumers worldwide to offer superior performance in various applications. EPS serves a very important function in our everyday lives.


EPS Packaging


A misconception: “EPS is not recyclable and alternative packaging is the answer.” A rhetorical answer, “EPS is recyclable and you’re not saving the environment by using alternative packaging.”


Here’s why…


Below, the EPS-Industry Alliance Packaging shares an infographic where product production and delivery to quantify environmental impacts associated with incorrect packaging. It’s a simple two-step process when using EPS as your primary packaging. This is compared to a five-step process that shows higher energy consumption, water and air emissions and solid waste when packaged incorrectly.


It’s evident that EPS is the preferred packaging material. EPS meets five of the seven criteria under the sustainable Packaging Coalition definition.


View the image below for a visual representation of the process.

 Photo Courtesy: EPS-IAP

We want you to think again when choosing packaging. It can make a detrimental impact on the environment and to business’ profits.


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