Airpop® (EPS) Foam Container Market Experiences Growth

Recent article, Use of EPS Foam Containers Market in Food Packaging Services Has Increased in the Past Few Years, shares an Airpop® (EPS) market update regarding a shift in growth of foam containers.  The “use of EPS foam containers market in food packaging services has increased in the past few years. During 2017-2022, global food market is expected to grow at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of above 8% to reach a market size of over $500 Billion, which can also help to increase market of EPS foam containers.”


What does this mean for the Airpop® (EPS) Packaging Industry?


The article explains that the global food market is expected to grow. Due to the expected increase, Airpop® (EPS) containers are needed to store, insulate and carry food; verifying the importance of Airpop® (EPS) containers.


“EPS packaging industry has been projected to grow 5% in CAGR during 2016-2025.”


There’s a projected growth over the next ten years in global regions: Asia Pacific, Europe and North America. These regions are also top consumers for Airpop® EPS foam containers. Asia Pacific accounts for 48% of the global market. The growing seafood market in regions like Japan are expected to also grow;  Airpop® (EPS) has top insulting capabilities to maintain freshness for seafood exports.


Overall, the demand for economical and lightweight Airpop® (EPS) foam containers is growing. It’s a really exciting time to be in the Airpop® (EPS) industry.


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