Airehide® Sets A Standard For Performance

Airehide® is more than a brand for Plymouth Foam. It’s an experience that sets a standard for performance. Many companies that offer (EPP/EPE/etc.) technologies will just reference the materials; we argue that this does not explain to our customers what the material is and how it is different from other technical solutions and/or Airpop® EPS.  Airehide® is a registered trademark of Plymouth Foam, LLC.

We have proven the properties of Airehide® technology in multiple applications and industries.


Airehide® Properties

The air technology (interior) combined with the protective, rugged and durable hide (exterior) provides unique product solutions.

  • Vibration Dampening: Good vibration dampening and even isolation can be readily achieved with Airehide® materials. This is highly application specific engineered on an ad hoc basis.
  • Chemical Resistant Properties: Very good chemical resistance overall, particularity against acids and alkalines, solvents, grease, oil, etc.
  • Ultraviolet Radiation Resistance: Good UV resistance for most applications. Long-term exposure primarily affects surface color while some embrittlement, chalking and crazing can occur depending on exposure levels and durations.
  • Humidity and Water Resistance: Good resistance to humidity and water exposure. Typical water absorption, density dependent, is 0.1% to 0.3% by volume after 24 hours submersion and 0.6% after 1 week.

Airehide® Applications

The strength and lightweight properties fill the needs of a wide array of applications which can drive industry growth. Due to their ability to absorb massive impacts, these below materials are ideal for:

  • Cushioning (xEPE): back rests, head rests, arm rests, tools and pad holders
  • HVAC Enclosures (EPP): Enclosures for outdoor and indoor control panels, fan housings and shields, integrated wire management guides, lightweight structures
  • Impact Protection (EPP): Automotive door inserts and impact protection parts, car seats for infants, booster seats, helmet inserts
  • Travel and Storage Protection (EPP): Bicycle travel case, gun cases, delicate instrument cases
  • Totes and Returnable Packaging (EPP): Pallet totes, stackable trays, bins and trays for kitting, collapsible coolers and totes, custom fit totes
  • Structure and Buoyancy (EPE): Personal watercraft components, flotation parts, structural core
  • Impact and Resilience (ETPU / ETPO): BASF (Infinergy®) used in Adidas Boost Shoe Line, JSP working with PUMA and NIKE for ETPU Fit to Shape JSP, ISPO AWARD WINNER 2017 SALOMON Sense Ride Sole, VIBE Technology

Airehide® Industry Applications

Airehide® polymer materials have successfully been utilized in a variety of industries and applications where it is well suited to solve a number of common and difficult design, application and manufacturing problems.

  • Food & Beverage / Food Services / Pharmaceutical
  • Consumer Electronics
  • Medical Devices
  • Industrial Systems
  • Tools (Power and Hand)
  • Household Appliances
  • Returnable Systems
  • Transportation (Automotive, etc.)

Why Choose Airehide®?

“In addition to the unique properties for product performance, Airehide® provides 100% recyclable material properties” said Doreen Lettau, Vice President Market and Business Development.

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