Thermal Insulation

  • Expanded Polypropylene (EPP) has a standard R-Value of 4.0/inch of thickness.  This meets insulation requirements for food service, heating and cooling, along with cold chain solutions.

Vibration Dampening

  • Good vibration dampening and even isolation can be readily achieved with Airehide® materials. This is highly application specific engineered on an ad hoc basis.

Reduction Savings

  • Due to its lightweight particles, Airehide® solutions remove weight from component housings by replacing the mounting surfaces.  Airehide® provides excellent fastening and mounting capabilities thus reducing assembly times and number of components.  Seat assemblies in automobiles have reduced the weight by over 15 lbs for example.

Sound Solutions

  • Airehide® (PEPP) provides both absorption and transmission reductions in sound.  By replacing metal housings in HVAC devices, Airehide® becomes the noise suppressor of choice.

Chemical Resistant Properties:

  • Very good chemical resistance overall, with resiliency against acids and alkalines, solvents, grease, oil, etc. A comprehensive guide to chemical resistance is published and available.

Ultraviolet Radiation Resistance:

  • Good UV resistance for most applications. Long-term exposure primarily affects surface color while some embrittlement, chalking and crazing can occur depending on exposure levels and durations. Data is published and available

Humidity and Water Resistance:

  • Good resistance to humidity and water exposure. Typical water absorption is 0.1% to 0.3% by volume after 24 hours submersion and 0.6% after 1 week. See property data for more detail.

EPP Flame Retardant Properties:

  • FMVSS-302
  • UL-94 HBF
  • UL-94 HF1(7mm wall thickness @ a minimum density of 45 gm/l)
  • UL-94 V0 (13mm wall thickness @ a minimum density of 45 gm/l)
  • ASTM-E84 Flame Spread and Smoke Development

EPP Electrical Properties:

  • Standard EPP
    • Surface Resistivity: >1 x 10ˆ14 ohms/square
  • Specialty Anti-Stat Grades Available
    • Surface Resistivity: >10 x 10ˆ12 ohms/square o Surface Resistivity: >10 x 10ˆ7 ohms/square


  • RoHS Compliance
  • HAACP Compatibility Requirements
  • No Phthalates
  • CFC & HCFC Free
  • 100% Recyclable