It’s that time of the year again – your final packages have been purchased and we understand the exhausting pointer finger work out associated with “1-Click”. Whether its toys, jewelry or clothing we all eagerly wait for the e-mail notification that states your order has been shipped. In this case, timing is KEY – you must place your order before December 20th to qualify for any sort of “free shipping” or “guaranteed delivery by Christmas” offer. In our industry, timing is also key; particularly with those packages that require a little extra (thermal) attention.

This (thermal) process is part of what’s called The Cold Chain; a temperature controlled supply chain. Since we manufacture EPS coolers for the Cold Chain Industry here is a little, did you know segment.  Did you know that EPS coolers keep produce fresh for lengthy periods of time, ensuring that your produce arrives to the grocer and restaurant without compromising quality or safety of your food (we love crunchy, fresh veggies!)? What about your fresh sea food from the coasts that countless eateries advertise as being “fresh and never frozen” (Fresh lobster, hmm, can’t beat it)?  Or 10% of all drugs in the 200 billion dollar pharmaceutical industry are temperature sensitive? …Let’s just say that when you muscle up enough courage to go in for that (maybe overdue?) vaccine booster, we want to make sure you are being protected in the way the developer intended.

Ultimately, we want to keep you healthy and “fresh” and that’s what keeps us striving to find better ways to guarantee you unsurpassed level of quality and safety found in fresh foods and medicines. On the other hand, we understand the Christmas shipping deadlines are quickly approaching….continue on with your pointer finger work outs and happy shopping.