Competing At The 2021 World CrossFit Games

Being fit at the age of 65 is one thing, but qualifying for the 2021 World CrossFit Games brings things to a whole new level! Denise (Denny) Ristow is a coach at CrossFit Western Ridge and was one of 20 athletes worldwide to qualify in the Master’s division (ages 65 and up).

The 2021 World CrossFit Games are currently underway through August 1st in Madison, Wisconsin. Remarkably, this is Denny’s second time participating in the Games! She qualified for her first Games in 2018 at the age of 62. 

Almost seven years ago now, Denny took up CrossFit as a way to stay fit and be the best grandmother she could for her grandchildren. Denny’s athlete profile says, “I am well into my 60’s and love physical activity. I am truly happiest when I am ‘in motion’. Finding CrossFit has been a godsend… like finding another home. I enjoy the camaraderie between young and old, the fit and the not so fit, the serious and those that just want to have fun. I compete because it is my nature. It’s who I am.” 

Lo and behold, she has become such an inspiration to many in the local Plymouth and Sheboygan communities. It is truly remarkable to see what one can accomplish at any age!

Plymouth Foam (PF)  continues to root for you, Denny! Updates about Denny’s performance can be found by following CrossFit Western Ridge on Facebook. 

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