The 2018 PTO Conference Is Coming November 7-8 in Las Vegas!

The 2018 PTO Conference is coming! We are excited to be attending the Production, Technology & Operations EPS Fall Conference next week (November 7-8, 2018) in Las Vegas!


According to the EPS Industry Alliance website, “PTO presents a spectrum of information on advancements and allows plant managers the opportunity to choose those topics which will best fit their operations. Attendees can expect presentations on equipment optimization, plant safety and sustainability among other topics. Exhibitors will be showcasing innovative solutions for manufacturing issues and networking sessions will provide an opportunity to share insights with industry peers. A variety of sponsor opportunities are available to spotlight your company and gain exposure among more than 180 influential EPS manufacturers.”


The PTO conference is packed with industry leaders that are presenting the latest trends, industry news and EPS plant management issues. Listed below are few speaking topics:


  • Your People: Where To Find Them, What To Pay Them & How To Keep Them, Gene Marks, The Marks Group
  • Raw Material Tech Panel
  • Optimized Recycling, Mark Groening, Insulfoam LLC
  • Plan Fire Safety, Doug Cassidy, Atlas EPS and more…


For a complete list of speakers, please click here!


If you see a member of our team, please introduce yourself! We enjoy networking and meeting other industry leaders!