2016 Charitable Gift

2016 charitable

The Ronald McDonald House Charities is this year’s recipient of Plymouth Foam’s annual Christmas donation in the name of our customers. We support and applaud the work done by this exemplary group in helping a wide range of people in need. Each year we carefully consider which charity to select for our donations and are pleased to have made this selection for 2016.

As we have done in the past, we have chosen a momento, purchased from this organization, and are presenting it in a package designed and produced by our team. This key-tag is cradled in a flexible urethane insert which fits into a shape-molded Neopor (graphite impregnated Airpop® EPS) 2-piece box which also holds a small urethane foam heart. The molded box is held in place in the corrugated mailer by another piece of the same flexible urethane. All of the urethane parts were precision cut on our in-house, computer controlled water-jet machine.

We particularly appreciate and remember our customers at this special time of the year and wish you, and your family, all of the blessings of the season and a very successful 2017!