2013 Recycling Report

Our office recently received the 2013 EPS recycling rate report from the EPS Industry Alliance. The report contained information and statistics that incorporated notable growth for post-consumer and post-commercial recycling; these figures were too substantial not to share with our fans.


According to the EPS Summer Industry Report, more than 125 million pounds of EPS was recycled during the 2013 calendar year. This figure includes 72.8 million pounds of post-commercial and post-consumer packaging and 54.5 million pounds of post-industrial recovery (Post-consumer and post-commercial recycling are defined as any material that is recycled after it intended end-use – while post-industrial recovery includes EPS facility scrap that is recycled but never served its intended purpose as a packaging material or other end-use application reference). This is compared to roughly 40 million pounds in 2010-2012. These figures are supported by a strong reliance on high volume sources and proves the success of industry recycling efforts in the United States.


All of us here at Plymouth Foam are extremely proud of our recent industry report facts and figures. Our industry has collaborated to pioneer initiative programs that will lead to continuous EPS recycling growth and development.


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