2013 Charitable Gift

2013-10-01 06.36.56United Way

Our Contribution Tradition

For 2013, Plymouth Foam is pleased to continue our tradition of holiday remembrance by making a donation to The United Way on behalf of all of our customers.

Particularly at this time of year, our thoughts, prayers, and good wishes are with everyone who has been helped by, or has helped, this marvelous institution. Our holiday float theme will also echo our focus on the many people who have been touched by The United Way.

Holiday Flyer

Our Holiday Flyer combines several of our materials, manufacturing processes, and decoration techniques. The white foam core is our 2.0pcf Airpop® EPS (expanded polystyrene), which has been covered with heat-laminated polymer films. The laminate films have been vacuum metalized and flood-coated with colored transparent inks. The individual pieces of the flyer were precision cut using our water-jet cutting technique.

To complete the offering, we have included a sheet of stickers for decorating the flyer and the pennies are to add weight in the nose. The stickers represent many of the local agencies that participate with The United Way in their philanthropic endeavors. By providing you with a large selection, you can choose which ones are special to you as you decorated your flyer.

Please consider making your own contribution to this worthy cause as you remember the profound effect that it has on our communities.