2012 Charitable Gift

Rubix Charitychildrens hospital

Our Holiday Cube combines several materials, manufacturing processes and decoration techniques. The white foam core is our 1.5pcf Airpop® EPS (expanded polystyrene) which has been covered with a heat laminated polymer film. The laminate films have been vacuum metalized and flood-coated with the transparent inks. The individual panels of the cube were precision cut using our water-jet cutting technique and the logo panel was screen-printed with The Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin logo in 2-colors.

To complete the offering, we included a battery powered tea light which fits securely into the cavity provided in the bottom panel of the cube. The snug fit is intended to keep the light in place for easy transport of the assembled cube while allowing full access to the bottom switch and the battery compartment.

Please consider making your own contribution to this worthy cause and remember the song “This Little Light of Mine” as you do.